The fate of the Dacians, an actorial gift

The fate of the Dacians, an actorial gift

To mark 50 years of success, Circus & Variete Globus organized between September 20 - October 2, 2011 the International Festival of Circus Art - FIAC, 3rd edition. "The golden lion", the big prize of this Festival, returned to the show "Destiny of the Dacians".
The fate of the Dacians is an actorial gift, in which they meet Marius Bodochi, Silviu Biris, Razvan Oprea and the boys from K1 and Ro-Mania. "The fate of the Dacians", which took place on Saturday, April 30, 2011, certainly brings a wreath of laurels to the professionals who have made their mark on the smiles, emotions and joy of those who have passed the GLOBUS Circus & Variety threshold. Gorgeous, extraordinary, grandiose, sensational are attributes that seem to have no power to comprehend and define what is happening on the Circus & Variety "Globus" scene.

Director Brindusa Novac together with choreographer Ama Butoiescu and set designer Vlad Gabrilescu have brought this time not only a story, but an educational show that interweaves the historical truth with the magic of the myth.

In the epic thread are impressive numbers of dancing virgins Dacians wearing gold costumes, the game and the customs of the Sarmisegetuza's children who arrive in Rome in search of the princess kidnapped by the emperor's soldiers. The atmosphere is complemented by exotic animals brought to the arena to please the Caesar.

Two bears from the Grand Circus in Moscow, who compete in gimbuslucos, trained by Duo Kudrya, the elephant who greets them from the children in the hall, trained by the Spaniards from Duo Kludsky, the lions and the lion who "steals" applause to the nurse, the camels who bring in the handle a cramp of the mystery of the pyramids, the riders who remember the princes of "One thousand one nights" or the pony, all make the audience delight, but I do not thank the Roman emperor who asks for "the voice of the people", the involvement of the spectator audience, to decides to release the virgins.

It is necessary for Tarabostes (Geto-Dacian aristocrats) to prove their mastery in the right fight and in competitions that take place at their own height - at 8 meters, which cuts not only the momentum of the enemy, but also the breath of assistance. The numbers of training, those of balancing and those of juggling are merged into a whole unit, in a great show involving over 50 artists, two bears, an elephant, three lionesses and a lion, dogs, pigeons, goats , pony, horses, peacocks and for which he worked hundreds of hours. Their efforts cannot be without echo and that is why children, parents and grandparents are invited to a big day show, a show for all ages.

The first part

1. Party of the Dacians in the Poiana Sacra:

  • Dance
  • jugglery
  • Equilibrium
  • Trampolines
  • Goats and dogs

2. Air moment - Dacian girls and Romanian boys;

3. Air number on the chain;

4. Djighiti - acrobats on horses;

5. Tarabostes-comedie;

6. The entrance of the Roman Emperor into the Colosseum and the parade of animals (pony, pigeons, peacocks, blades, camels, elephant);

7. Fight Fighters - Gladiators, comedies;

8. Bears dressing;

9. Dancing dance;


Part two

1. Lawlessness;

2. Illusionism - Tarabostes, comedy;

3. Sitz - flying dacians;

4. Elephant dressing;

5. Cantec Ro-Mania;

6. Ballet on the straps;

7. Aerial painting - spider web;

8. The Battle of Tapae - acrobatics for rocking and aerial fighting

9. Final - carousel, wheels, straps, song and dance.

stall1: 50 RON
stal2: 40 RON
stal3: 35 RON
loja1: 70 RON
loja2: 60 RON
loja3: 55 RON
Schedule of shows

  • February 4-5: shows for the general public on Saturday at 3 pm and Sunday at 3 pm;
  • February 11-29: shows for groups organized Tuesday-Friday at 10.00 am and performances for the general public on Saturday at 3 pm and Sunday at 3 pm and 6.30 pm.

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