Apple pie with pears

Apple pie with pears


(for 12 pieces)

6 small apples

3 small pears

juice from a lemon

250 g of dough (frozen)

4 biscuits

2 eggs

250 g lean cow's cheese

50 g old

1 sachet of vanilla sugar


50 g sliced ​​almonds

1-2 tablespoons sugar powder

grease for greased shape

Method of preparation

The peel apples are cleaned and the woody part and seeds are removed (they remain whole). The peeled pears are cut in two and the seeds and the woody part are removed. Put 750 ml of water on the fire with lemon juice and when boiling, add the apples and pears and let it simmer for 15 or 10 minutes, respectively, then drain and allow to cool.

Spread the dough - defrosted - in the shape of a circle, dress a cake shape (diameter 26 cm), start with the fork from place to place and sprinkle crushed biscuits on it.

The whites are separated from the yellows. The yolks mix well with the cow's cheese, sugar, vanilla sugar and salt and incorporate the whipped whites. Pour the filling over the dough, place on top of the fruit and sprinkle the chopped almonds. Bake the tart for about 35 minutes in the heated oven at 180 degrees, let it cool slightly and dust with sugar.

Recipe recommended and cooked by Cotuc.

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