Skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby after birth

Skin-to-skin contact between mother and baby after birth

Skin-to-skin contact between the baby and the mother is often made within seconds or minutes after birth, when the newborn is placed on the mother's breast, and then continues over time by breastfeeding, placing it on the mother's abdomen or entering the tub with bebe. It is of particular importance in strengthening the emotional bond between the two, in developing the maternal instinct, but also in adapting the newborn to the new environment, as it offers comfort and safety.

The benefits of skin-to-skin contact between baby and mother after birth

Facilitates the adaptation of the baby to the new environment

Although many believed that it was a superstition or a simple nonsense tradition, there are now a lot of studies and researches that emphasize the importance of putting the naked newborn on the breast of the mother, so as to touch the mother's skin.

After birth, the baby becomes acquainted with a new, extrauterine environment, which scares him very hard. It takes some time to adjust to the new space, and skin-to-skin touches help it make the transition between the 2 "worlds" easier.

When the baby is placed on the breast of the mother, the baby is happier and quieter, feels safe and protected, because it recognizes your smell and hears the beats of the heart, which are familiar to you, because you had part of them in your tummy.

Strengthens the emotional bond between mother and baby

Ever since you became pregnant until after birth and throughout your child's life, the affective relationship between you and him is unique and incomparable with that between you and other people or between the child and the father or others.

Although it is an innate attachment, it must always be stimulated by all kinds of methods, and skin to skin with babies is one of the most effective. The connection that is established in your touch, the fact that your baby can hear your heartbeat when it is placed on your chest, feels the smell of your skin and your breath, draws you even closer to you, the most important and beloved being in the world for him.

It regulates the body temperature of the newborn

Skin-to-skin contact helps regulate the baby's body temperature. When in the womb, the fetus has a certain temperature, constant, and at birth, his body is subjected to a different temperature. He is not able to self-regulate his body temperature after birth. Touching mom's skin helps stabilize and adapt to the new environment, to cope with temperature variations.

It balances the pulse and the breath

Once it is removed from its comfortable environment, that is, from the womb, all the functions of the body are given over the head. His heart beats louder, his breathing is accelerated, these are signs of anxiety and insecurity he faces when facing an unknown environment.

Direct contact with the skin of the mother helps to normalize the pulse and breathing, but also to increase the blood sugar, which tends to be quite small after birth.

It facilitates the initiation of breastfeeding

There also seem to be benefits in initiating breastfeeding when the baby touches the mother's skin immediately after birth. The sucking reflex develops, the baby manages to pop in from the first, and acquires a natural ability to control the flow of milk that comes from the mother's breast.

Helps to calm the crying

It turned out! The baby who often comes in contact with the skin of his mother is calmer and cries less than other children. Nor would he have any reason to cry, because he is so good, warm and comfortable on his mother's skin, that he could remain so incessantly. In such moments, the baby calms down from crying and you will notice that it will calm down when the baby grows up and you will only hold it in his arms or chest, without coming into direct contact with the skin. He is accustomed to and familiar with your smell and everything you mean to him, and the simple youth in his arms becomes an efficient method of calm and calm.

Skin-to-skin contact should be encouraged not only in the case of natural births, but in all types of births, as long as your baby is healthy and medically stable in order to stay in the mother's chest. Even the premature can be helped to get easier when held on to the skin of the mother, if it does not require an incubator. Do not miss the exciting and unique moment of holding your baby in the chest after birth, because it only benefits!

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