How to prepare the baby for the coming of the brother

How to prepare the baby for the coming of the brother

The preparation of the child for the coming of the brother is essential for the future relationship he will have with him. The child may have the impression that the new baby is an intruder who wants to steal your love and may become jealous, so it is important to prepare him in advance for what will happen. In this way he has time to get used to the idea that the family will multiply!

Preparation of the child before birth

Talk to your child about his or her baby period to make it easy to move on to discussing your new pregnancy and the new baby to be born. Share her some emotional moments about how she came from the world and how much joy she brought to her family. Tell him about how he was cared for and nourished then, but especially loved by you. You can show her pictures from that period. This way he will understand that babies need more attention and care and that there is no way to discredit their love for him.
You can take your child to the doctor when you do the mandatory pregnancy consultations, especially when you first hear your heartbeat or find out his sex. Have him share in the most emotional moments of the pregnancy - the first beats of the heart, the movements of the fetus, etc. It is a useful way to bring him closer to the future brother!
Give her a baby doll to take care of her. It is a great opportunity to show him how to grow a baby and in this way, he could feel on his skin because he will also have his own "baby" to take care of.

He talks to him about the baby's room and how important it is for his brother to have a new, clean and equipped space. Involve him actively in painting and decorating. In addition, in order to not feel excluded from that room, you can put together a photo frame where you can put a photo with him and place it in the baby's room. This way, you will feel that he is also part of that room.
Start a discussion about what will happen after the baby is born and how things will unfold. Use simple words and help with special books to present the events in a correct manner.
Keep it up to date with the fact that you will have to intern to give birth and that you will not be together for a few days. But try to discover together creative ways to communicate remotely - phone, greetings, tickets, letters, etc., to show them how eager you are to see and talk to him and to keep him connected at the course of events.
Involve him in the preparations for the birth of the child, but also for the arrival of the baby at home - luggage for motherhood, buying clothes, choosing the name, etc.

Preparing the child for the baby's arrival home

It is extremely important that when you get the baby home from the hospital to let the partner hold the newborn so that you can warmly welcome the older brother. You have to have your hands free to hug and kiss him dearly.
Organize a welcome party for the baby in which to involve the brother in the smallest details - decorations, invitations, colors, theme, etc. Kids love parties and fun and will be happy to do so. You can suggest giving her a gift to the baby.

Caring for the newborn takes a lot of time and energy. Rather than ignoring the older brother all the time, you better involve him in his care - to help you change, prepare tea, milk, prepare the fall, etc. This way you will spend time with him and take care of the baby.
Try to have a separate discussion with the child to let him talk to you about his feelings towards the baby. Give him assurance that you are there for him and that he can tell you whatever he has on his soul, because you do not mind. It is important for the baby to get rid of the negative emotions related to the baby or even to you and to tell him his dissatisfaction.
Be careful to give him enough time and not neglect him because this is how the feelings of jealousy between the brothers arise. It is essential that he knows how much he is loved, appreciated and that you are always there for him when he needs to.

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