Creative toys from things around the house, for your child

Creative toys from things around the house, for your child

Children's toys do not have to be sophisticated or complicated to attract them. They also have fun with the simplest players, if they keep some basic features: they are colorful, they make sounds and are easy to handle and destroyed by their hands. If you look around the house, you will discover things that can easily be transformed into free toys for the little one.

Cardboard boxes

If you have cardboard boxes from home appliances or other objects around the house, then you can turn them into the coolest baby toys. With a little creativity and color you can turn them into trains, small houses or even TVs from which the little boy can present the news of the day. Is it new in the baby world ?!

Wooden pots and spoons

Do you think your little one has a hidden musical talent and is attracted to musical instruments? Well, don't think about buying them. You can create the most resounding drums right at home. Your little one just needs a little pot turned upside down and 2 tablespoons of wood to show off his talent.

Basket of clothes and balls

If you look more sporty than a musician, your child might try his luck at basketball. All you need is a taller laundry basket and some small (tennis or play) balls or a miniature basketball. Then teach him to try his luck with a few strokes to the basket. Who knows what Michael Jordan is hiding in your boyfriend!

Kitchen cabinets

Young children love to put pieces or toys on top of each other and build castles. No more money on toys to build. Now you have plastic boxes in your kitchen cabinet ready for you. If they are still in different sizes, so that they can fit into each other or can be arranged in different ways, the fun of your little one is guaranteed. Be careful that they do not contain bisphenol A, because while playing it can get into the mouth and the substance is dangerous to health.

Napkin boxes

Sometimes children just want to destroy things around. There is also a childhood age called the "age of destruction". I do it not out of wickedness, but out of curiosity. If you do not want the little one to destroy important documents or other objects around the house, turn the napkins in the box into the temporary object of his fun.
Not only will he break their pieces, but he will also have a lot of fun when he tries to pull them out of the box. They may "devour" a whole box at a play session. Nothing is, napkins are not as expensive as toys or other things around the house that could be destroyed by him.

Sofa pillows

It is impossible that your baby does not have in the room all kinds of cushions, cushions or armchairs. Usually, they are received from loved ones or come to the package with furniture. They can be transformed not only into comfortable chairs for your little one, but also into toys for him. The more they are colored, in funny shapes (fish, omida, etc.), the more the little one will be more fascinated and twist them in a way and face trying to find all kinds of uses.

Hair brush

The hair brush can become the most attractive toy for your baby. Once he sees you brushing your hair or combing it, the little one will be eager to do it yourself. Leave the brush on your hand and teach it how to use it. Then, let your imagination work and create the most beautiful hairstyles. He may want to hairdress you too. It is normal, as far as talent is concerned! He will certainly not get bored.

Glass or plastic jar

Babies have a lot of fun with transparent toys that contain liquid and toys inside, which move when playing with them. These are also very expensive in stores. If you use a little creativity, you can make them yourself, in unique shapes and colors.
All you need is a jar or bottle with a large plastic mouth, which you fill with water, add food coloring, something glittery and a few small toys and colorful balls from the baby's toy basket. It turns into the most beautiful glass-globe.

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