UltraMetabolism Diet

UltraMetabolism Diet

The UltraMetabolism Diet is a revolutionary weight loss plan developed by Dr. Mark Hyman based on the scientific basis of genetics. It is a diet for which many people are eager to remodel their figure, because of the remarkable results - losing 10 kilograms in less than 2 months - but also the healthy eating principles that they promote and which they can be transformed into a healthy lifestyle.

How does your diet lose weight?

The Ultramethabolism diet is based on genetics and how the foods you eat "communicate" with the genes of the human body and influence the weight loss process. The doctor based his entire dietary plan on the revolutionary concept of neutrogenomics, ie how food is perceived by our genes.

It claims that there are foods that quickly stimulate your metabolism to burn fat and thus help you get rid of extra pounds of weight.

Therefore, the whole diet plan is based on menus created from foods that burn calories, detoxify and relax the body, so that the weight loss process occurs naturally and without any health repercussions.

The diet is based on the fact that if you consume only foods that stimulate the metabolism, but which are satiated, it naturally reduces the number of calories provided daily to the body, without feeling hungry.

Diet Phases Ultrametabolism

The UltraMetabolism diet is divided into three phases. They have the role of preparing the body for weight loss so that it is not suddenly subjected to a strong shock and its health suffers.

The first phase: preparation

Before the actual start of the UltraMetabolism diet, there is a phase in which "preparing" the ground for the diet created by Dr. Hyman. In the first stage of the diet, which lasts one week, the process of eliminating unhealthy and high-calorie foods from the menu takes place:

  • fried;
  • sugar foods;
  • the coffee;
  • alcohol;
  • "call" (hydrogenated) fats.

Detoxification phase

This stage lasts two weeks and is based on increasing the consumption of fruits, vegetables and cereals in your diet, while reducing, until elimination, dairy, eggs and meat.

Last phase of the diet

The last phase of the diet does not have an exact time period, as its dietary program can be followed the rest of your life. After eliminating harmful foods and detoxifying your body with vegetables and fruits, it is time to gradually reintroduce the other healthy eating categories that you avoided in the previous phase.

First, the dairy is reintroduced, over a period of several days, then the meat is added to the menu, and in the last phase, the eggs are introduced. In this way, your menu is complete and contains all the categories of foods that the body needs to function, but without the risk of fattening.

Have you ever tried to follow the UltraMetabolism diet or another diet based on increasing food intake that stimulates metabolism to burn calories? Tell us your opinions and tips in the comments section below!

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