Cocoa with milk, healthy or not for children?

Cocoa with milk, healthy or not for children?

Cocoa or milk chocolate is a delight that takes us back to our childhood. It is one of the drinks specially created for children. But recently this has been the subject of heated debates about the benefits that it brings or not to the health of the little ones.

The cocoa with milk is a parcel of parents to determine the little ones who do not like milk to drink it. I add cocoa, a little sugar and turn the banal milk into a delicious drink. However, in the modern era there have appeared a lot of products that offer "milk cocoa" in the package. They are increasingly preferred by parents, because they are practical and are ready in a few seconds. There are mixes of cocoa, sugar and milk powder that are easily prepared and are touted as a healthy delight for children.

Not the same opinion has the doctors, who argue that they contain only a lot of sugar and many calories that children do not need. They are concerned about the extent of these drinks in confectioners, restaurants, shops and even in parents' homes.

In addition, manufacturers of such products have launched cocoa or milk chocolate ready-made, sold in the same boxes or bottles as milk.

Cocoa / Milk Chocolate Vs. plain milk

All types of milk, whether mixed with other ingredients or not, are full of nutrients essential for baby development.

A cup of fortified milk with a low fat content contains:

  • around 100 calories;

  • 13 grams of sugar (which is naturally found in it);

  • almost 30 g of calcium;

  • vitamin D;

  • Vitamin A;

  • vitamin B complex;

  • minerals (phosphorus and potassium).

The same quantity of chocolate or cocoa with milk purchased from the trade contains:

  • around 160 calories;

  • 25 g of sugar;

  • Compared levels of vitamins and minerals compared to plain milk.

There is a clear difference between calories and sugar, which although it does not seem very large, can have a strong impact on the future health of the child.

Large amounts of sugar in the body of children with negative effects:

  • increased risk of obesity (and other conditions associated with or caused by it);
  • increased harmful cholesterol in the blood;
  • risk of diabetes;
  • the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

The concern is all the more so as doctors have found that little ones get the most sugar from the drinks they consume.

Shouldn't children drink chocolate or cocoa with milk?

The best thing to do is to get your child used to drinking plain milk most of the time. If you want to taste it with a delicious taste of milk chocolate for breakfast the most suitable is to prepare it at home.

Use cocoa and add very little or no sugar. You can replace industrial sugar, which is so harmful, with honey. It has the same number of calories as sugar, but it has health benefits for your little one. But even so, it is recommended that you do not make this drink a habit and serve it occasionally.

With one thing the specialists agree - the little ones need milk calcium to grow big and healthy. The daily dose of calcium that each child needs differs according to age:

  • from 4-8 years - 800 mg / day;

  • from 9-18 years - 1300 mg / day.

In order to reach these doses, the little ones need to consume foods rich in it, and the milk and the products made from it are the first on the list in the nutrition of the little ones: yoghurt, cheese, but also vegetables.

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