What do you need to know about newborns?

What do you need to know about newborns?

When it is born, your baby will be the most beautiful and beloved child in the world. You know this very well! You have less and you are getting ready to bring the newest family member to the world and you already imagine your baby, and you even dream of it. Before you are born, it is advisable to get ready with some essential things you need to know about newborns. This way you will create realistic expectations for your baby's future birth and future, and make it easier to grow and care for him in the first months of life!

Newborns have a special physical appearance

You already imagine him rosy in cheeks with fine skin like silk and other qualities worthy of the most beautiful baby in the world. But you must know that immediately after birth they have at least a strange appearance: some may have slightly deformed head, flattened or sharp and large, a vivid color of skin, hands and legs doubtfully short, skin covered with lanugo (fine hair, like a puff) etc. These features are not very aesthetic, but they disappear within a few days after birth, very few of them remain for several weeks.

Sometimes they have no reaction - smiles, scancete, grimase - up to 6 weeks

The baby's smiles and screams fill your heart with joy. But do not expect your baby to have these reactions from the first days of birth. At the most, you will get from him a funny and tormented waterfall and many crying and frowning, but the true smiles and small reactions to what you transmit and do will appear after 6 weeks.

Must be cleaned with sponge until as well as premium

You will be tempted to make the new family member immediately, but it is advisable to wait until the belly drops. The more you keep your skin dry, the faster it will fall, doctors say. It does not last more than 2 weeks. Until then, gently clean it with a soft sponge and water, avoiding the umbilical area.

You have to be careful with the cranial area called "headache"

The fontanela is also called "soft head" in babies and represents a skull suture that is not fully ossified, because it allows the brain to grow in the first years of life. It is only around the age of 2 years that the fountain closes completely. Until then, you have to be careful with that area, which is covered only by skin and blood vessels. It does not mean that you cannot reach her at all, but you must avoid as much as possible that she is harmed in any way.

Dry skin of the baby after birth is normal

Exactly at birth, it is moist and silky, but as time goes on, the longer it becomes drier. This is normal and does not mean that it has any skin condition. The baby has been in the tummy for 9 months, in a permanently humid environment, and now adapts to the extrauterine life which is a dry environment, which makes the skin so.

Mild baby acne, which disappears by itself and which you do not need to act on with lotions or other products, could also appear. Diaper or heat irritations are common again and do not endanger his health.

It should not be kept isolated from the rest of the world

Even if he is new born and looks very fragile, this does not mean that you must keep him in quarantine, inside the house or isolated from the world. You can take the baby out, but under certain conditions: avoiding the sun's rays touching his skin, avoiding the extremely crowded spaces, letting the world put his hand on his face or sleeves, but only on his feet and not without being disinfected.

Newborns cry a lot

Expect many moments of crying without stopping. Crying is the only form of communication of the baby of this age with you. If up to 1 year the forms of communication are diversified - smiles, bumps, bumps, stumps - in the first days, and even weeks after birth, the baby does it only through crying. That is why it will seem to you that "it hurts too much". But you don't have to worry!

Newborn babies sleep a lot

You will probably find that I sleep a lot of upset and that it is a sick sleep. But it is perfectly normal. In the first 3 months, children sleep more than they wake up. But unfortunately for your rest (both day and night), they will not make it organized, but in fairly short periods. The little ones never sleep many hours in a row without stopping. Most of them sleep at most between 6 and 8 hours without interruption and this happens at night and in the case of lucky parents.

The newborn brush passes very quickly. Take advantage of it!

Although it is accompanied by a healthy calf of fatigue, stress and nerves in your body, the newborn period is one of the most beautiful childhood, when you discover your little one.

So do not let the diaper change, the bath or the food to shadow your moments when the helmet, smiles, funny fun or for the first time. Take as many pictures and create an album of this period. You won't be sorry!

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