At what age can children bathe or shower alone?

At what age can children bathe or shower alone?

The bath is a difficult test for children in front of their parents. They are always worried and aware that in the bathroom there are many dangers to which the child may be subjected, which is why they tend to wash them until they are quite old. However, as children grow up they need privacy. The question that arises is: when are the children able to handle themselves alone in the bathroom when they wash?

All pediatricians have wrongly advised you to be very careful each time you are with the baby in the bathroom, because it only takes a moment of inattention for the baby to slip or drown. This fear and the repetition of doctors' instructions follow you so that you come to take a bath until adolescence, right?

Teach the child how to wash alone as a child, under your supervision

Starting with the age of 2 years and up to 5-6 years, the child should be taught how to wash alone, under your careful supervision.

How? Follow the steps:

• put the baby in the bathtub and put on a sponge soap or shower gel and start talking to them how to wash the whole body while you wash it; repeat them each time the washing process is to be carried out;

• When it comes to the pancake, teach him that he must close his eyes and mouth and that he must hold his breath until the numbers at 3, then put the shower over his head to drain the foam;

• if he is afraid that shampoo or soap will enter his eye, teach him to rinse with his head on his back;

• Don't forget to play with it and sing when you bathe; they should see this as a fun activity.

Children can wash themselves from 6 years

In general, 6-year-olds are quite mature and develop enough coordination and balance to try to bathe or shower alone. But you should not leave them alone in the bathroom, without any supervision!

Stay close to him and give him directions for the first time! After giving him a couple of soaking sessions, try to let him wash his head, without intervening in what he does (maybe just encouraging and praising him when he does something right), but following him closely. It is necessary to intervene only if you notice that it is unbalanced, give way to hot water and in other situations that are potentially dangerous for him! If he asks for your help, don't hesitate to give it to him, but encourage him to do it alone!

At 8-9 years, the child can be left alone in the bathroom to wash

Starting with 8 years you can leave your baby alone in the bathroom. Do this only if he has previously convinced you that he is capable and knows how to wash himself, in complete safety. You can let it wash with the door open (to keep an eye out) or you can close the door for more privacy. However, be careful to:

you have anti-slip devices in the tub;
• have a mattress or carpet laid on the floor that does not slip;
• ask him constantly if he is good and if he is doing well;
• open the door from time to time if you are insecure (but announce it in advance that you will do this again • so as not to feel that you are invading their privacy);
• praise him every time he manages to wash himself from head to tail.

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