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Strong colors and bold prints on children's clothes

Strong colors and bold prints on children's clothes

With the arrival of fall and the start of school, the child knows it's time for new clothes! Clothes to make him noticed and to steal anyone's eyes. Coats, dresses, skirts, pilgrims and rain boots, pants and sweaters, lots of cheerful and attractive clothes!

Each year, Bebeloo addresses a growing segment of ages, and now you can find clothes dedicated to children aged 0-14 years.

Among the current trends include floral motifs, a must-have this season, which reminds you of Victorian style. Beside them, ethnic motifs, with folklore, but also abstract ones, are in place. This autumn, the star color is blue, which can be found in several collections, either in the uni version or "sweetened" by neutral shades such as ivory, beige, dusty pink or even fuchsia.

The color palette is complemented by strong shades of green, pink or yellow. A real explosion of colors and models that want to befriend your little one and make it worthwhile!

The collections are presented individually, so it will be very easy to match the clothes. You will also find accessories of which more varied: backpacks, bags, hats, gloves, which perfectly complement the outfit of the little one. All in the same place, to be a modern mom, efficient and attentive to details.

With Bebeloo, for the little star in you, your child will be a grade ten and outfit.

Autumn-winter collections await you in Bebeloo stores in Bucharest, Baneasa Shopping City and Carrefour Feeria, and in the country in the main shopping centers in Cluj, Constanta, Iasi, Timisoara and Satu Mare. You can also purchase Bebeloo clothes on

Description of collections

  • For girls, Bebeloo proposes several pieces of resistance: knit dresses, combined with boleroos or elegant jackets, fabric coats, which go perfectly with a set of hat, scarf and gloves in bright colors, again from knitwear. The velvet is also great for sophisticated dresses and jackets.

  • Collection for boys it has as a central element the plaid shirt, along with the waistcoat, paired with denim or striped pants. The animal shapes are very popular, and the strong colors can be found in the case of boys, in contrast to those molded in autumn.

For both girls and boys, a special category is represented by the selection of raincoats and coats. These can be combined with rubber boots with playful prints in bold and bold colors.

Even the youngest ones, up to 2 years old, receive special attention: pastel, warm, soothing colors, in shades of blue, yellow and pink predominate in the new collections.