Happy celebrations!

Happy celebrations!

In winter, with Christmas, we feel the need to get closer to each other. With little, with great we celebrate with family and friends, around the tree or the table, the Birth of the Lord. Through your sincere Christmas thoughts you have created a holiday atmosphere.

We wish you a Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year with your family!


"At us the winter holidays start with St. Nicholas; then the Christmas follows, when we celebrate the husband, respectively fathers, whom Cristian calls ... hence the" family "emblem - CNN. Starting December 6, we feel the atmosphere Christmas, winter holidays, traditional Christmas dishes are missing from the table.

Mother-in-law usually offers to make sarmales. "(Cotuca)

"I like the atmosphere of the holidays, I like to buy presents for the loved ones, I like to decorate the house, I like to carve the markets after a beautiful fir, to buy decorations for the fir, and if it is still beautiful outside it is perfect. to see children what reaction they will have to the fir tree, to the gifts. " (Klbodza)

"Every year, around the winter holidays, we become better, warmer, happier ... these holidays always bring joy, light and warmth to my family ... but this year will be more special because God has given us the most nice but, on our baby ... and this year's holidays we will be happier and happier ... to open our hearts to hope, joy and light ... to be better and to look forward with confidence knowing that if we have faith the way in front of us will be sprinkled with accomplishments ... (liajun)

"This year will be a more special Christmas, because our family has yet another member. We will be three! We will make the preparations we used to do: general cleaning, cooking, Christmas tree and many, many gifts (!) for the new member of the family (Stefan Constantin). I think this Holy Holidays (Christmas) makes us all better, more human, more nostalgic, more loving and, why not, wiser! " (Genevieve)

"Even though each Christmas is different, it does not look like each other, because last year we were 3, now we are 4 ... and we have a big fir, in the boy's room and a smaller one for the little girl ... in every corner of the house is Christmas ... the food ... cooked are traditional ... and ... most importantly: we visit our parents, because Christmas means family ... "(cinderella)