Recipe ideas. What do we combine with cheese to please the little ones?

Recipe ideas. What do we combine with cheese to please the little ones?

We have already learned how important dairy products are to children and how fresh cheese is appropriate in their diet. But, unfortunately, many children refuse to receive milk, either because they do not like it or because they develop a repulsion towards white foods.

Here are just a few recipes that you can prepare for your little one, so you can give them fresh cheese in combinations that you like.

To give your little one a calcium cheese enriched with Calcium and Vitamin D and to cover their nutritional needs, you can choose Danonino Branzica Natur, a product with 100% natural ingredients, 65% cheese and 35% yogurt.

Cow cheese with cauliflower (for 6-7 months)


a few bouquets of cauliflower

half a pack of cow cheese or a few tablespoons of cow cheese

1 or

2-3 tablespoons cream

Method of preparation

Boil cauliflower with a little salt, cool then mix with cow cheese, egg and a little sour cream and the composition is put in a thermoset dish with a little butter and baked.

Baked cheese pasta (8-9 months)


corn pasta (not gluten free)

cow cheese

2 eggs

2-3 tablespoons of yogurt

a little butter

Method of preparation

The pasta is boiled and a little oil is added.

Separate the yellow from the blue and mix with the yogurt and cow's cheese.

The boiled pasta is drained and given by a jet of cold water. The pan in which the pasta is placed is greased well with butter. Place the pasta and among them the small pieces of butter.

Pour the mixture of yogurt, bacon and yolk over the pasta and bake. When ready, mix in the blender and add the milk that the baby usually eats for homogenization.

Pumpkin cow cheese (for 9-10 months)


Pumpkin Plate

cow's cheese


Method of preparation

The pumpkin is baked in the oven, and when baked, remove the core and mix with the cheese.

Optionally you can put very little cinnamon for the flavor.

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