The benefits of coloring and coloring books for children

The benefits of coloring and coloring books for children

Coloring books have become a trend among both children and adults. It has been scientifically proven that this already very popular habit removes stress and anxiety, which is why most people spend their time drawing different figures, depending on their preferences. Coloring is considered a hobby or even a therapy that has many benefits.

Carl Jung, one of the scientists who discovered from the first half of the twentieth century that color therapy can have very good results for the human psyche, argues in his studies that many of his patients became much more relaxed after what started this kind of therapy. Coloring books for children, but also for adults, can be used for therapeutic, relaxation, calming, problem solving and organizing purposes.

Coloring books help children express their artistic sense. Coloring will make the little ones inventive, wanting to "bring to life" the outlines of the coloring pages. From the way children color or draw, parents can figure out the mood of their little ones. Thus, if they are upset or happy, this will be seen according to the colors used. If they want to draw with more dark colors, pressed on the sheet, they are signs of an anxious child. Fortunately, by coloring the child it is released and gives free rein to the emotions that control it, whether they are negative or positive. If the little ones will use bright, obvious colors, the children will express a state of well-being, happiness.

Another benefit that coloring books bring is that the little ones will learn the colors, their name, and their learning will no longer seem a burden, but a pleasure.

Other benefits that coloring and coloring books bring to children:

- With the help of coloring pencils, children will develop their small hand muscles.

- By coloring, children develop hand-eye coordination. Coloring books will attract the attention of the little ones and they will be interested in learning the lines of the drawing. They will be interested to learn the drawing and to follow exactly the route they are taking as they draw, especially as in time they will want to make perfect drawings themselves.

- The little ones will learn to concentrate with the help of coloring books. They will be engaged in coloring activities even hours in a row. They will develop the ability to concentrate on any conditions, and when they go to school they will have no problem learning faster lessons.

- By coloring them, the child can learn animals, plants, story heroes, objects with which he comes into contact or not in the usual way, but also other things that help him to know and make small correlations regarding the way things are going in the world around.

- The fact that he manages to complete a drawing alone will bring the little boy much joy. Here's how a simple activity develops self-confidence.

- Coloring books help stimulate the two cerebral hemispheres simultaneously.

- Coloring contributes to the improvement of the parent-child relationship. The little one will enjoy having you join in the activities he does, and you can relax by coloring next to him.

- Although few people know, coloring has similar effects to meditation. And meditation is beneficial for the brain, especially as it reduces stress and depression.

- Coloring can help develop the planning ability, in the sense that, from the beginning of the activity, the child creates an image of how his drawing will look like at the end.