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5 tricks to make children sleep in their bed

5 tricks to make children sleep in their bed

It was great for you to let your child sleep with you in bed for a while and enjoy his babysitting when he was sleeping, especially since you could watch him closely when he was sick. Without realizing it, it took a little longer than you planned, and your little one forgot the way to the crib in his room. It is not too late to convince the child to break away from your bed and move to his own room. Here are 5 effective tricks to convince him that his crib is much more comfortable!

The young child loves to nest in the parents' bed and enjoy their company at night. He feels protected, safe and spoiled and hardly breaks away from this habit that creates a well-being.

It is enough to take a few days in your bed to sleep, because he is ill or goes through a difficult emotional period, because the habit to get in your rights and your baby to forget about the room and his crib.

As any learning has revealed, it is time to arm yourself with much patience, with a lot of power to cope with the little crocodile's tears and tears that he will shed when he finds out he will no longer sleep with you in bed and start to sleep. you used to stay in his room!

What a small step every day!

You cannot suddenly reveal the little one to the habit of sleeping with you in bed. It is important to do it gradually and with small steps every day.

Start by talking to him initially about his room and how comfortable his crib is. Then get him to sleep alone, even if he does, for a period, in your bed. The child is dependent on your company and the sooner you get used to sleeping alone, even in your room, the easier it will be to get back to the habit of sleeping in his crib.

He continued to put him to sleep at lunch in his crib. It's a small step towards a big victory. The child needs to feel safe in his room, to familiarize himself with it and to feel good in that environment in order to sleep alone there.

Soon, you can start to convince the little boy to read the evening story to him in the room, in the crib, even if you later go together and sleep in your room. It is important to start doing as many things as possible from your sleep routine in your own room.

Don't impose on them, but give them options!

Just because you are older and you can, does not mean that you must impose yourself in front of the child with overflowing authority. It is exactly what displeases the child and forces him to do even worse or to act against your tyrannical orders.

It does not require you, because you will not have a chance of success. The small child likes to seem autonomous and to make decisions. Get him to sleep in his bed so that it seems like his decision. You are more likely to be receptive to the idea, if you give it a chance to make a choice.

Create a pleasant and comfortable environment in his room!

The child will hardly give you the comfort and safety he feels when he is in bed with you on a colorful but deserted and scary room.

It is important to gather in your child's room all his favorite things, objects and toys, so as to enliven the room and help him feel safe. Don't forget about his comfort object, the one that protects him the most from evil and makes him feel protected from evil.

Play with him, read them and stay with him until he falls asleep!

If you've managed to convince him to sleep at lunch in his crib and even stay in the room at night to change into pajamas and play, it's time to try, subtly, to make him fall asleep there.

First, play with him in the room, read his favorite story and then encourage him to fall asleep. Hug him, kiss him good night and then tell him to stay with him until he falls asleep. It is an important step to get him to sleep in his room, even if this is dependent on your presence there. With a little more time and patience, you will manage to make him fall asleep alone.

Is the night in your room crashing? React smartly!

It is very possible that in many evenings when you try to get the baby to sleep in the room and leave him in his crib, to wake up that he is buzzing in the middle of the night.

Pay attention to your reaction! If you get angry, you reproach him for getting out of bed or, on the contrary, you get him quickly in the conjugal bed, all your efforts to make him sleep in his room will be in vain.

Also, the idea of ​​closing the door to the room and leaving it outside is not very bright. Your little one must learn to sleep alone, not be forced, and understand why he has to do this, which closing the door does not help much.

It is important to keep your temper and not start with reproaches. In the first phase, try to be a little indifferent and not ignore the little one, so that it does not seem to have caught your attention, as it is otherwise desired. If the situation escalates, start yelling and pulling at you, be calm, get up, grab him by the hand and take him to his room, explaining to him that at that time he should sleep.

Tell him that it's late, everyone needs to sleep and that you will be near him when he wakes up in the morning and that he will be able to come to bed with you a little. He will probably come back a few more times, but if you do the same every time, he will give up getting out of bed and poking you, because he won't be able to reach his goal: he doesn't get your attention and he doesn't manages to infiltrate you in bed, etc.

By sneaking into the parents' room, the little child is just trying to get their attention and feel stuck. If you do not show them that he has managed to attract you, he will soon fall apart and give up this tactic, because he will see that he does not give the long-awaited fruit.

How did you manage to get your child to sleep in his crib, alone in the room? Did you do this from the beginning, when he was born, or did you fall into the trap of letting him sleep in bed with you and then had to disobey him? Share your experience in the comment section below!

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