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Give your child a Christmas story by redecorating his room!

Give your child a Christmas story by redecorating his room!

Give your child a Christmas story by redecorating his room!

There are only a few days until Christmas, and the search for the perfect gifts for the children is in full swing. We, the parents, always think about the useful component of a gift for children, so this year you can make a story gift by redecorating his room with furniture inspired by cartoons.

More than a bedroom, a universe of childhood

Surely your little one has been fascinated by the adventures of cute minions or turtles, so a crib decorated with these characters will enjoy it and give it a quieter night. Hello Princess Kitty fan? A crib with a nice kitten will be the perfect gift for her, and for your little nazdravan, cars in Cars are the ideal companion for adventurous dreams.

The little ones will appreciate a playground where they do not miss the table and the chairs with funny characters from the animated films that made them laugh. An assorted table and chairs with Princess Elsa and Ana from "Ice Kingdom" are gifts that harmoniously combine utility with play and that will delight your little girl.

And the boys deserve gifts as they are from Santa Claus, and if you want to get a practical gift you can opt for the table and chairs with the superhero who weaves traps for the villains, the ingenious Spiderman.

Intelligent solutions for space saving

Bunk beds or duo beds are designed specifically for siblings who share the same room, and storage spaces are designed to allow children enough play space. Each piece of children's furniture will become a toy for them, and with the help of colorful products and story characters you will encourage their creativity through play.

At Marcoshop you will find plenty of children's room furniture items, from cribs to race cars to cabinets and bedside tables with Little Mermaid. Whether you are a fan of Mickey Mouse or the teddy bear Winnie, you will find products to his taste, and if you do not have much space, at the Marco Shop you have solutions to use every inch of the room.

For more tips and suggestions for decorating the child's room, but also for the whole house, we expect you to visit our store