How to be a good Santa's Spirit: 8 places where you can hide your gifts!

How to be a good Santa's Spirit: 8 places where you can hide your gifts!

In December, the detective spirit of the children activates, and the mission begins: finding Christmas presents! From the age of 4-5, there is a doubt in the minds of children regarding the existence of Santa Claus, so they begin to look for evidence to confirm their suspicions.

Whether they are girls or boys, their curiosity will make them look in every corner of the house. Because ... what can parents deprive, if not the gifts that Santa should bring?

Depending on the size of the gifts, there are several key places both in the house and outside, where you can spend Christmas presents. We chose, for example, the Play-Doh sets, which have different sizes and can be hidden in different places.

Great gifts, at home or with friends

The safest place where you can hide larger games or toys, such as the set Play-Doh Pizza Party, is right at home, or in the house of friends. Here are some examples:

  • The bridge of the house, the cellar or the garage - if you stay at home, you have pulled the lucky lot at least as far as the gift hides are concerned! This is because, in most homes, there are these three places where children under 6 are not allowed to walk, especially by themselves: the bridge of the house, the cellar or the garage. These are the ideal places where you can hide the gifts bought for the little ones, without worrying that the little explorers will find them.
  • Suitcases - often too large to handle, or simply placed in places that are out of the reach of children, suitcases are another perfect option for concealing gifts. Inside, gifts can be safely stored away from curious eyes.
  • On cabinets or under beds - the simple cardboard boxes or those in which the appliances were packaged are not of interest to children. That's because, in their vision, the gifts from "Mosul" come in colorful and beautifully packaged boxes. So, whether you put the gifts in cardboard boxes on the closet or under the bed, they will never raise a question mark for children.
  • In the house of other relatives or friends - in order for this option to be taken into account, it is necessary that they do not have children. However, if possible, the family home or friends house is ideal for keeping bulky gifts until Christmas Eve.

Small gifts, in the car or at the office

In the case of smaller toys, as they are simple Play-Doh boxes, the situation is no longer as complicated. They can be easily painted at home or in the office, without the hassle. Here are some suggestions:

  • At the office - you can keep the smaller packages in the personal drawer or in the closet, where there is no confusion. Be careful, though, if the little one comes to visit and you know he is curious about the threads.
  • In the car - the trunk or the torpedo are two places that little ones have little access to. However, you must be very careful in the watchful eyes of children, it is enough to see the gift for a few seconds to decompose you. Thus, it is best to wrap the gift in a disposable bag, dark colored or a newspaper. They would not arouse his curiosity.
  • In underwear drawers - usually, the little ones choose to look for gifts in large cabinets. This is because they are probably expecting to receive bulky gifts as they age. Therefore, small packages can be hidden in linen drawers or towels, where they do not usually walk without permission from their parents.
  • In the kitchen - the kitchen is another place where little ones do not spend too much time so it is the perfect place for hidden gifts. Preferably they are cabinets or drawers located at height and rarely used.

These are some ideas of places where you can hide your gifts. If you want to win a special prize for your little girl, like one of the two sets above (which you now know and where to hide), enter here and participate in the contest. We are waiting for you with super prizes for children: Transformers figurines, Hungry Hungry Hippos games, My Little Pony sets or Play-Doh sets!

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