This summer the sun is your best friend!

This summer the sun is your best friend!

Summer, warmth, holidays ... is all we want most of the time. But remember that sun protection is extremely important for you and your family.

The range for the beach Cosmetic Plant is for all skin types and has been improved this year with special spray emulsions for children, water resistant with SPF 30 and 50, without parabens and with hypoallergenic formula, but also with variants of emulsions with factor protection 30 and 50 dedicated to adults.

Bronze, defense, care, protection, soothing, all these can be found in the complete range of sun protection products Cosmetic Plant. Carrot oil speeds up the tan, olive oil softens the skin, extracts of yellow, sulfin and sorghum soothe and hydrate it, vitamins nourish it, and menthol cools it.

Tune in safely!

Emulsions for accelerating tanning with cocoa butter, carrot oil and vitamin E - SPF 6 and SPF 10 (200 ml) ensure faster, more intense and more lasting tanning.


In OLIV products - SPF 6 beach oil (200 ml), SPF 10 beach oil (125 ml) and SPF 20 beach spray emulsion (200 ml) - carrot oil speeds up the tan, olive oil is emollient and vitamin E neutralizes free radicals.

Special care for children!

Water-resistant spray emulsions with SPF 30 and SPF 50 (200 ml) chain oil were created to care for the sensitive skin of children. Without parabens and having a hypoallergenic formula that contains vitamin E and natural oils of chain and olives, emulsions have high protective factors, so that children can play safely under the sun.


The combination of the vegetable extract of wild chestnut bark with vitamin F and UV filter substances provides an efficient protection in the beach emulsions with SPF 15 and SPF 25 (250 ml).

Water-resistant beach emulsion with SPF 20 yellow extract (250 ml) forms a protective and water-resistant film on the skin. With a UVA-UVB protective effect, amplified by the presence of chain oil, the water-resistant beach emulsions with SPF 30 and SPF 50 (250 ml) offer a uniform and long-lasting tan, without the risk of sunburn.


With ingredients with restorative and soothing properties, the beach-based emulsion with extract of yellows, sulfin and sorghum (200 ml) and lotion for sunburn (200 ml) care and revitalize skin exposed to ultraviolet radiation.

The prices of the products vary between 12-23 rum depending on the protection factor offered, active ingredients and weight.