How to save money on organizing your child's birthdays

How to save money on organizing your child's birthdays

In the conditions in which the budget of the house is increasingly requested, some methods by which you can save money in organizing your child's birthdays will prove extremely useful in the long term. The current trends have transformed the parties given in honor of children's birthdays into real gold mines for various companies and traders. The irony of the situation is that the children do not need fast and extravagant to feel wonderful about their day.

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Here's how you can organize your little boy's birthday without causing irreparable damage to the family budget.

Organizing your child's birthdays puts you under additional stress, to spend huge and pointless amounts for parties in expensive locations, meant to put the holiday in a positive light in front of his friends. The good news is that you can leave a very good impression in the same context, if you put your imagination to the contribution.

Here's how you can give your child a memorable birthday, using great ideas in exchange for absurd expenses.

Children's birthdays in 2012

If in your childhood, a cake made by the mother at home and playing with the brothers, cousins ​​and neighbors were the most beautiful scenario for the birthdays, the children's birthdays in 2012 became extravagant, expensive and devoid of personalities.

The wealthy parents call on the services of the specialized companies for over-charged decorations, more or less successful artistic programs, clowns that not all children support and catering services that impress adults rather. The final costs are often higher than expected, and the parties are mere spectators, instead of being happy children who really got involved in the fun.

Planning the child's birthday

The first thing you need to do is plan your child's birthday based on maintaining a "scenario" as simple as possible. It sets the theme of the party according to the preferences of the holiday: the gathering of pirates, the sporting theme (football, basketball, etc.), the feast of cowboys, the cheerful little artists (with origami, painting, dance and song), the ball of the princes and the princesses, the masked ball (in which guests will wear using only older clothes from their own wardrobe, as a basic rule, etc.).

You can sum up a classic theme, play in the yard or book games championships. In principle, all this allows you to create the only atmosphere of fun, to which the little ones will adhere more easily than you think.

The next step is to do it a list of guests as short as possible, to spare unnecessary expense and many nerves consumed for nothing. In general, the ideal number is the age your little one reaches +1. He does not invite all his classmates, but only the friends with whom he spends time outside of kindergarten / school and who likes the company (for the rest, he can bring his chocolates or cookies).

If the party is restricted, you will be allowed to organize it at home, which will save you from renting other expensive locations. Schedule the meeting after lunch (15:00 - 17:00), so you can serve cakes, ice cream, peanuts and natural juices, without wasting money and energy in preparing a meal with aperitif and main dishes.

When you send invitations parents, you can suggest the kind of "honesty" to expect guests ("We invite you to sweet desserts, crunchy snacks, music and good cheer", for example).

Practical ideas for the birthday of the child

Once you have narrowed down the unfolding conditions, you can use some practical ideas for your child's birthday, which the guests will "fully" taste:

  • Decorate the cake yourself: if you are not exactly the best baker, buy a simple cake from the confectionery (the ones with decorations are peppered with prices) and personalize it yourself with cartoon figures, household items available in shops, sweet sauces to write the name with for the celebration, etc.
  • Call on a cheerful relative for animation: Anyone can wear Barney's or Superman's costume, so if you want an animated character, just rent the outfit and ask an uncle to do the honors (the little one will be delighted).
  • Decorate the room and paper objects to pack, instead of buying products of this kind where you invest a fortune and then discard them. You can apply the paper on chairs, tables, juice boxes and baskets. You can even make traditional hats, with a little glue and a thin elastic from the haberdashery.
  • Propose to the little ones to take part in one workshop, in which to make paper figurines, plasticine forms, etc., which they can then take home as a souvenir. Origami is a pleasant activity and loved by children, with some extremely easy to make models (butterflies, hearts, flowers). You need some sheets of paper, a scissors, glue and a small pre-workout on the internet, where you will find tutorials that explain step by step their implementation.

Get some ideas from Alice in Your Head:

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  • Buy simple balloons and inflate them with a helium pump available in stores, instead of getting them ready at a much higher price. Another idea is to inflate them in the classic version and hang them on the ceiling.
  • Give up catering: children do not care about the company that brings expensive tarts, they will want simple snacks with smiles of olives and cucumbers, which you can easily make in the kitchen. You can prepare natural juice from baked oranges (at discount in the supermarket), prepare homemade compote and fresh juices. Some simple snacks will be more than enough, although parents tend to overdo it with food, forgetting that little ones eat a little and have a lot of fun.

Moms ideas for children's birthdays

Moms shared their personal experiences on the forum. Here's what their children's birthday looks like:

"Last year when he was 2 years old, I adorned his whole room with balloons and crepe paper, it was beautiful. There were many more children than the previous year and he came out super. When I brought the cake, after blowing the candle , the children were made with whip on the nose. It was very happy my little one. " - Siren

"When he is 3 years old, I would like to gather all his friends and take them to the park, then come home to eat, cut the cake and not forget the champagne. I will make them a decoration to be my happy son. , with balloons on the ceiling, the endless confetti and many more. " - Lavimsg