10 years of a note 10 party!

10 years of a note 10 party!

Today, December 15, 2014, is the day on which is 10 years old of existence! 10 years online, 10 years of community, information and answers offered to parents and couples around the world! As every year, we celebrate the weekend that has just passed, with moms and children in our dear community.

It was a fun party, with sincere children's smiles, music, fun, soap balloons, helium balloons, gifts, Santa, cake and many goodies!

Who did I spend with?

We were pregnant, moms of babies, moms of preschoolers and schoolchildren, all friends in the Community who over the years have proven their involvement and dedication on the site and have always been a support for us as well as others. community members.

We all enjoyed playing, music and dancing with the Marcellino animators. We fought with swords from moldable balloons and we played with puppies from the same material! A major attraction was the helium balloons offered by BluParty, which made the little ones just look up most of the time, run and collect large bouquets of colorful balloons!

We looked with astonishment at the planes, due to the views offered by the special location we chose - Take Off Events - and we wrapped ourselves in the goodies offered by our hosts. It seemed like a candy bar ... but it was so quickly devoured by the little ones (and the big ones) that it just seemed to be a dream. A colorful and tasty-taste dream offered with love by friends from Martipan Creativ.

An emotional package for older and younger children

Our children were happier and more obedient than ever! They took responsibility for their seats on the chairs and waited with their heart for the soap balloon show offered by The excitement was even greater when even the smallest spectators took part in the soap balloon game and were introduced one at a time by a huge balloon.

Emotions and delight, joy and wonder - a combination of positive feelings successfully created for the little ones, in an unforgettable party!

The long awaited moment of the cake followed! A birthday cake as beautiful and beautiful, so tasty, offered by Ghemutza's Sweets, a talented and passionate mum from the Community.

And the time has come for gifts! And who could have offered them if not Santa loved his children, accompanied by his beloved spirit, from Santa, the good and patient man, was happy to hold each child on his knees, to listen to his prepared poetry or song and to find out what he wants to become when he is old.

Santa's accomplices were our friends from Noriel and Hasbro, who provided toys for the little ones, along with NIVEA Baby and Belladonna Pharmacies, who offered all our guests care products for children and parents.

The joy of the children and the delight of the parents were captured in the photos of Viorel Olariu and, as soon as the pictures are ready, we will prepare an album on the Facebook page where you will be tagged!

Thank you!

The team is formed today, in alphabetical order, from: Aida, Alina, Miruna and Simona. So to unravel the mystery of the challenge from the contest that put your imagination to the test - Competition - Challenge 3: Guess the team members. We are 4 happy and dedicated girls to this beautiful site and we thank you for joining us and supporting us in everything we do:

Aida - on the site for almost 6 years, our "search engine", a hard working girl and always with the answers at hand.

ease - the "brain" for more than half a year, a member of the team for over 2 years, the dedicated mother of two girls and the man who managed to connect the team more than ever, giving the community the most beautiful events, and the site - the best resources and development ideas.

Miruna - the freshest member of our team, about 4 months old, the proud boy of the boy, with the advertising and the partnerships under control.

Simona - part of the team for almost 7 years, carrying a belly in 7 months, responsible for the articles you can read on the site and the pages of the social networks.

Thank you for 10 years in which our beloved site has grown from all points of view, for the ideas and suggestions you share so that this child of ours, of all come to meet the real needs of parents and couples in the world around.